AQUILE | Acoustic Spotlight

March 2017


Turning 3 out of 4 chairs on “The Voice” – Christina Aguilera, Ceelo Green, and Adam Levine all recognizing this guy is something special. Aquile has a Soul/Pop/R&B vibe that is unmistakable with song selections that are upbeat & current with genuine throwbacks to the classics. He is a true hustler who LOVES music with a passion on par with his God-given talent  – something we have found is pretty rare! Aquile easily became one of our most requested musicians and it was no surprise. We are super proud and lucky to work with him as much as we do. This month, we invite you to learn a little more about Aquile and how he got his start in music. From hitting the keys at 8 years old to rocking national television, his story is real and inspiring. Read his full interview below!

Prince or Michael Jackson?

That’s’ a tricky question – I’d say Michael Jackson the first part of my life, but Prince now! 

Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles?

Also 2 of my Favs geez! I’d have to say Mr. Wonder 

Tupac or Biggie?

Tupac for sure 

John Legend or John Mayer?

Grew up loving John Legend, but now its Mayer all the way. He’s one of the greatest artist of our time in my opinion. 

Name 3 musicians/groups that you will listen to for the rest of your life:

Mayer, MJ, Stevie Wonder 

Who were you listening to before sitting down to answer all these questions?

JP Cooper (Dope Artist) 

What style would YOU call your music?


What is one of your 1st musical memories as a kid?

Figuring out the theme song to Jurassic Park on my moms upright piano age 8

How old were you when you started playing music, and who got you going?

It was around age 8 when I fell in love with the piano. My Grandmothers from both sides got me started much earlier than that. Grandma Rose gave me a Toy Mic at age 2 and I’ve been singing ever since. My Mom is also really musically talented and her singing and writing ability rubbed off on me at an early age as well.

First song you ever wrote; What was it about? Still play it today?!

I was visiting my cousins in Salt lake City and I fell for this cute girl across the street. My uncle had a piano in his house and I felt compelled to write her a song. I still remember it to this day, but never do I perform it lol. (so cheesy)


Where is your “creative space” and what time of day generally brings the most inspiration?

I’m a morning person. I wake up inspired and usually sit down at my home studio and create on the computer. My most creative space is outdoors in nature, but it can be hard to be there all the time. For now I have a fish tank next to my desk with a bunch of little buddies to keep me company.

Tell us about a couple of your most proud achievements / awards as a musician:

Turning 3 out of 4 chairs on The Voice Season 3 was def my greatest musical achievement thus far. 

Tell us about one of the best gigs you ever played:

Rocking the Mangy Moose in Jackson Wyoming with my old Band The Orbit Group is def my fav memories of playing a show. That place is Iconic and Wyoming is my home state. There’s nothing like being submerged in the mountains in the winter playing music with your best buds. 

Any local or up-and-coming musicians you love that more people need to know about?

K. Emeline is a very talented singer, she’s one to look out for. Also ill Nicky, One of the dopest lyricists coming out of SD along with Nat-z one of the best female rappers I’ve ever heard.  

Any advice to your younger self or other musicians starting out?

Just always keep the Faith. Never stop growing and working on your craft. Take rejection as education and learn from each and every experience. Make sacrifices for your music. Plan B should be, “Never failing at plan A. There is no plan B!”

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