Booking a Musician – the Basic Rider Requirements

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If you are booking Taylor Swift, this list may be a little inadequate. These bullet points are geared for everyday private and corporate events ranging in rate from $500 to $7k. If you can manage to cover the following areas, you will find (most) musicians are going to be super thankful. Here are basic rider requirements:

  • Parking for duration of the event for Talent vehicle(s)
    – Client responsible for any passes or ticket fees
  • Access for loading within reasonable proximity of staging area
  • Access to a convenient power source at point of “stage”
    – one, dedicated 20 amp circuit per 3 musicians ideally
  • Provide coverage from elements to protect Talent and their gear from rain and direct sun exposure
  • Access to water throughout duration of performance
    – bottled water preferred due to electronics
  • For bookings of 3 hours or more, a hot meal for Talent
  • Most professional musicians will be able to provide amplification for up to 100 guests
    – Client needs to coordinate with Talent / Venue to provide additional sound
  • If elevated stage is NOT provided, Talent must have a dry, firm foundation
    – not directly on sand/grass/dirt
  • If elevated stage IS provided, size must meet minimum area of:
    Soloist – 6′ x 5′
    Duo – 10′ x 6′
    Trio – 12′ x 10′
    Full Band – 20′ x 12′